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guides you through the bets to make, the bets to avoid, the Five Count for keeping your money off the table on short rolls, and plenty of fun stories, a Scoblete specialty.

--John Grochowski, Chicago Sun Times Quickly delves into the two groundbreaking aspects of Scoblete's craps theories: The "5-Count" and the revelations of what is known as "controlled shooting." --by John G.

Brokopp, Chicago Sun Times Media"Frank Scoblete is an icon in this industry.

His expertise is without question and his gambling advice is solid, no-nonsense info." ...

Catherine Jaeger, Managing Editor, Midwest Gaming & Travel magazine A few years ago, I pick up the game of craps in Las Vegas and have since fell in love with the game.

During the past year, I can across individuals who would "set the dice" during their roll in an attempt to influence the next roll.

Interested about this dice setting trend, I purchased the book (also comes with a DVD) to learn more about it.

This book is not for anyone who wants to learn the game of craps, basic betting strategies, or money management.

Most of the money management and strategy is based of the shooter being able to "set the dice".

So if you want to learn the basic rules of craps, I would not recommend this book.

The author makes the case by setting the dice a certain way and throwing them a certain way (making sure both of the dice are rotating on the same axis) that you can reduce the possibility of certain numbers to come up and increase the possibility of certain numbers to appear.***My Opinion on Dice Setting After Reading the Book***While in theory it sounds reasonable, the real life application is extremely hard to do.

There are many factors that could affect the outcome (the corners of the dice, the chips on the felt, where they land and hit the wall).